We are moving forward similar to the succeeding to arrange and set up OstseeFonds Wind 1 and to place it to the maximum. The amount of 200 millions assets under management in 2018 is increasing to 500 millions in a short period of time, which will allow NEAG to steadily establish itself as one of the big players in the wind energy sector.

Consistent growth

We are constantly expanding our portfolio through long-term contracts with project companies. Our customers thereby trust in stable assets. NEAG also sets up a portfolio for investors with higher affinity to risk und creates custom-made solutions for sustainable long-term yields.

Access to extensive pipeline of projects

NEAG is not going to run out of projects in the future. Apart from excellent contacts to all leading manufacturers of the wind industry NEAG savours exclusive access to a variety of brown-field and green-field projects. Every investment vehicle we launch benefits from secure access to an extensive pipeline of wind farms.