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Sustainable investment - attractive returns

NEAG Norddeutsche Energie AG offers attractive infrastructure investments and a comprehensive range of services in the field of wind energy. The focus of NEAG is on the allocation of investors, arranging project finances and the structuring of special AIFs. We consult, accompany and purchase wind farm portfolios and hold shares in project companies. Our customers benefit from continuous energy yields, our networking in the wind family and dynamic cooperation. Our services:

  • Financial advice on the purchase and sale of wind projects
  • Specialization in alternative investment vehicles in the field of wind energy
  • Creation of comprehensive financial models and valuations
  • Managing the DD process (legal, technical, commercial)
  • analytical support and documentation
  • Asset Management, commercial and technical management
InvestmentGuidelines to success

Our ambition is to invest sustainably and future-proof. For your return and our success we have dedicated ourselves to a concept that allows us being strongly positioned for the future.

GoalsStrong for the future

We are growing regarding the number of projects and the megawatt portfolio. That confirms the quality of our work. We will take you with us on the way to the future and formulate ambitious goals.



Tuesday, 02/06/2018

Two new wind farms in Brandenburg - one already operating, one in the erection phase - represent a rise of 18 MW for the fund...

Friday, 01/12/2018

The strategic objective to gain a foothold on the European market is taking shape. NEAG is currently in negotiations...

Thursday, 12/07/2017

A considerable volume of megawatts in wind farm projects was placed through the professional structurization of NEAG and...